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Template Pilihan

Vector Art

Vector Art is an Artistic Blogger template, comprising heavy use of vector graphics, is sure to give a fabulous artistic look to your blogs/sites!

Features: 2 columns, right sidebar, custom search box, vectors, twitter and rss icons, grunge, artistic.

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Red Cycle


Red Cycle is a dark Retro Blogger template. The Red overtones give it its appeal for those who prefer a dark template and the navbar is sleek and simplistic.

Features: 2 columns, custom fonts for blog title and sidebar, minimal, wide sidebar for all of your widgets

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Mac Pixels


Mac Pixels its a Cool Blogger template with a beautiful background and has a professional look. I recommend for personal and business blogs.

Features: 2 columns, right sidebar, twitter logo, rss icon, custom search box, dark, top menu links.

ThumbnailLinks (“summary7663355899190412063″,””,”Mac Pixels”);

Anime World

Anime World is an Art Blogger template with a dark anime background, its a recommended Blogger template for who loves Anime.

Features: 2 columns, right sidebar, simple, fully widgezed, font and color customization, menu page links.

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EC Mania

EC Mania is a music Blogger template, with absolutely a professional look which will give your Blogger blog a real pro unique look.

Features: 3 columns, 2 right sidebars, search box, top menu, font color customization, nice colors, music blog.

ThumbnailLinks (“summary408723748746290800″,””,”EC Mania”);

Travel & Tour

Travel & Tour is a nature Blogger template with a nice colorful background, recommended template for those who travel frequently.

Features: 2 columns, right sidebar, minimal, simple, menu pages, font and color customization

ThumbnailLinks (“summary2041048736479049751″,””,”Travel & Tour”);

Painted Life

Painted Life is an artistic Blogger template where the emphasis focuses on the color palette and is an ideal theme for those who are artistic.

Features: 3 columns, left sidebars, menu page links, vectors, rss icon, search box.

ThumbnailLinks (“summary6313354174999434561″,””,”Painted Life”);


0 Prowess is the new free premium Blogger template it’s a fixed width 2 columns template with bokeh lights image at header and unique custom fonts.

Features: 2 columns, cute right sidebar, custom search box, font and color customization, dark background

borders, menu links, brokeh lights, custom search box.

ThumbnailLinks (“summary8943213126003491395″,””,”Motion”);


1 Belonna its a free professional Blogger template with an unique stylish look, excellent template for any kind of Blogger blogs from personal to business.

Features: 2 columns, right sidebar, rss and twitter icons, menu pages, font and color customization.

fully widgezed, minimal, personal.

ThumbnailLinks (“summary7909430276041563689″,””,”Green City”);


0 Cellulose is a elegant Blogger template with a dark background and the flowers under the header, its a cute template for blogger.

Features: 2 columns, right sidebar, search box, pages installed on menu, minimal, simple, round corners. 

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  1. 21 Juni 2010 pukul 12:12

    bagus bagus templatenya…

    mampir :

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